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Hello, we're George & Shelley from All for You Monument Cleaning & More.  We met when we were 10 years old, in grade school & we grew up together in the old neighborhood. We went to the same junior high and high school before parting ways to follow our own paths in life. In 2017 circumstances brought us back together after many years apart. We had taken different career paths, different family connections, moves out of state and finally back home again. We were brought back together after all of these years because of a love that has lasted a lifetime, and unbeknownst to us, a new adventure that was waiting right around the corner for us, an adventure that would take us on a new life journey.


Unfortunately life has a way of testing us and that is what happened to me in 2008. My 22 yr old daughter Blair was killed in a car accident. This took me on a completely different journey in my life. Who would have know my peaceful calming place would now be in the middle of a quiet cemetery. With George now in my life, by my side, loving me, and with us spending time visiting at the cemetery we realized how hard it could be for a lot of families to be able to take care of their loved one's monuments just as it was for us. With the weather changes, rain, snow, dirt and dust the monuments become less sparkly and beautiful, the way we wanted them to be when we were designing them to honor our loved ones.


This is when the vision for our company started to become a reality. What could we do to help other families? We could begin by deep cleaning the monuments, bringing back their original beauty. We also thought about the families that were from out of town or even further, from out of state, and wondered how they felt when they were not close enough to be able to decorate for holidays, birthdays, and even the anniversary date of losing their loved one. We decided we could do something to help.


This reminds me of a friend I made one day at the cemetery when I was visiting my daughter. John, an elderly gentleman, was visiting his wife who he lost the previous year. John walked over to show me a handful of stems that we both were sure at one time contained beautiful flowers! After a discussion it was determined the rabbits had eaten all of the tasty carnations and left the stems behind. At that moment John and I had a lasting connection.  On that day I shared Blair's roses with John to give to his wife, something I know Blair would have wanted! I talked with John a few times after that and even shared more of Blair's flowers with his wife when he wasn't there. About a year later I found out John had passed away. In a way, it made me happy knowing he was with his wife he loved and missed so dearly, but I also cried for my friend, knowing I would never see him again on my visits to the cemetery. I made a promise to John the day I met him that I would always bring his wife a flower and place it on her monument so he would know that she would always have a flower even if he couldn't make it to the cemetery. That day I saw a tear in his eye and he thanked me for caring. This is part of the service that George and I want to provide also, for people like my friend John, who have lost their wife or husband and for some reason, be it age or a medical illness or for other reasons, are not able to visit, decorate, or place flowers on the monuments.  That is why George & I are here to provide this service. Stories like these - and I know there are a lot more stories out there waiting to be told - are how All for You Monument Cleaning & More finally came to be. 


All we do for your loved ones... it's "All for You".

                     - George & Shelley

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