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Landscape Project for Cory

All for You was hired by Cory's parents to clean his monument since the color has become dull & the monument has lost its shine. Cory's mom stated that they have never been able to grow grass around the monument because it is located under a big shady tree. When George heard this he was on a mission to grow the most beautiful grass ever for Cory's parents because he knew how much it meant to them. George researched to find the best grass to grow for the area and he went to work!! After raking, aerating, and picking up limbs from the tree George was ready to begin! He first noticed there was a hill under the tree by Cory's monument causing everything around the monument to be washed away. George started his project by building a temporary dam between the tree and the monument, routing the runoff from the tree to go around the monument. George worked combining various types of grass seed to work in shady areas and planted the seeds. Within days of planting and after working with the tremendous amounts of rainfall during this time washing away the grass seed, more planting, less downpours, and lots of watering to get the grass seed sprouting Cory had the most beautiful lush grass growing around his monument that he has ever had! Cory's parents said it looked amazing and it made his mom cry because it looked so beautiful! This is why we do what we do!

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